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About CPA Mutual

At CPA Mutual, our mission is to provide a quality and lasting solution to the professional liability needs of accountants. We bring added value to our member firms by continually striving to exceed their expectations and helping them manage and prevent risks.

The benefits of choosing CPA Mutual include:

  • Strong capitalization with more than $1 of equity is available for every $1 of net premium
  • Non-assessable policies
  • Lead reinsurers that greatly enhance our long term stability
  • Personal, direct service if you have questions or concerns regarding coverages or claims
  • Policies effective within a matter of days upon approval of your application and payment of a 20% premium deposit
  • Commitment to the mediation process and pay 100% of the administrative charges and mediator's fees attributable to an insured
  • Improved claims administration that allow you to participate in all phases of the claims process
  • Claims staff that are trained to provide risk management assistance and pre-claim counseling

We were formed in 1986 to help alleviate a difficult market for accountant professional liability. Many of our members at that time could not find affordable malpractice insurance because carriers dramatically increased premiums and reduced available limits. Some even sent out nonrenewal notices, called it a day and left firms scrambling to find coverage.

In response to pleas for help from firms throughout the country, approximately $42,000 was raised to prepare a feasibility study to look into the formation of a member-owned captive insurance company. It was believed that a member-driven company would be more responsive to its members and provide a long-lasting solution to this critical issue.

Early 2018, CPA Mutual acquired Professional Management Consultants Association of America (PMCA), an organization that provides professional consultant serving physicians, dentists, and other health care providers with networking opportunities, educational support, risk management advice and professional liability insurance.

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