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Coverage Growth Creates Confidence for Long-Term Member

BobAlmquistPhoto.jpgBob Almquist, CPA, PFS, CFE, CFM, CGFM, CMA, has been with CPA Mutual for over 30 years and is one of the original shareholders. He was referred to them from a neighboring CPA and, since then, has grown his firm and added coverage options. 

His firm, Almquist Maltzahn Galloway and Luth, P.C. (AMGL), is committed to the success of their clients in Nebraska and surrounding communities. Given their mission to their clients, selecting and maintaining the right coverage was important to Almquist. 

“Everyone at CPA Mutual is easy to work with,” Almquist says. “They know my firm, what we do. You feel as if you are part of a team beyond your own firm. Everyone I interact with there is warm and caring. They’re like family.”

Initially, Almquist obtained just their professional liability coverage from CPA Mutual.However, as his firm grew through the years, he added additional coverage options. For example, today he also maintains employment practices liability coverage and cyber coverage.

Bob has always valued the CPA experience possessed by those at the helm of the liability company. In particular, he feels that their understanding of the hurdles that CPAs face has been an asset in the coverage, products and education they provide for members. “They are constantly providing information and informing us of measures we can take to reduce our liability and exposure,” explains Almquist.

When his firm had to respond to a nuisance claim, Almquist felt incredible support from CPA Mutual and the legal team they recommended. The legal team managed the case well, brought in reliable expert witnesses and even supported the firm through the emotional aspects of the case. Almquist was pleased with the support from CPA Mutual and their legal team. 

As a shareholder, Almquist looks at the claims, settlement and premium history to see how the company is performing. He has watched as the company has grown and feels that they provide products that all CPAs need at a tremendous value for members and shareholders. 

“They are doing a wonderful job managing the company. I never have to worry about our coverage or who will be there to defend us if we need it. I have confidence in the company and am never tempted to switch.”

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