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Cyber Coverage and M&A Guidance Gives Client Confidence


Robert McKown, CPA, is in charge of the information technology resources at Pittsburgh-based Goff Backa Alfera & Company, LLC. As a manager and the firm administrator, he is always monitoring the newest IT solutions or risks for CPA firms — and he pays attention to information sent from CPA Mutual. 

“To be honest it’s good information because I review it so I know it’s usually pertinent; otherwise it goes by the wayside. The cyber information always sticks in my mind,” he says. 

With so many companies experiencing data breaches, the firm increased its cyber liability rider to its general professional liability insurance through CPA Mutual. The firm has been a member for 12 years, and it made sense to expand the relationship with CPA Mutual due to consistently good service, McKown explains. 

“This last year alone, I probably talked to them three or four times for various needs. They are personable, accessible by phone, and they explain things very easily. We just have that rapport with them.”

Although McKown says he is “inundated with offers” from other providers, he hasn’t had cause to shop the competition in recent years. He cites the competitive product offerings at CPA Mutual, but also their team’s attention and willingness to step up when his firm needs them. “It’s just been a great company to work with. They answer questions and make sure we understand things and have the right type of coverage for the professional and cyber side. We have a comfort level and a confidence in them, too.”