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‘Tremendously Valuable’ Liability Representation Earns Client Loyalty

MarcShnoll.jpgMarc Schnoll, CPA, MBA, MACC, purchased his Gainesville-based practice, Sexton & Schnoll, Inc., in 2004 after several years of experience in public accounting and private industry. He was referred to CPA Mutual at that time, and he has stayed with them. 

The reason is simple. CPA Mutual came through for him when he needed them. Several years ago, his firm was named in a claim stemming from a missed tax deadline. Schnoll’s attorney advised him to contact CPA Mutual, which quickly set him up with special counsel. The matter was handled professionally and resolved within a few months.

“The benefit was not just in paying the claim, but their representation throughout the process,” Schnoll says. “I found both of those services tremendously valuable. They navigated us through a process that is certainly troubling for any professional, but I can honestly say that they made it easier.”

Schnoll was also thrilled that his premiums were not raised the next year as a result of the claim. To this day, he believes that the premiums he pays are well worth the value his firm has received over the years as a CPA Mutual member.

“I’ve met Bill Thompson a couple times and we’ve had lunch since we’re both in Gainesville,” he says. “Really all the folks in the office I’ve worked with and the counsel they engaged for me were fantastic. I feel strongly that CPA Mutual does an excellent job.”

Schnoll also appreciates the timely communications and resources available through CPA Mutual. For example, he has elected cyber liability protections. “From some companies, you hear from them too much and it becomes sales noise. With CPA Mutual, when I hear from them it’s valuable — so I actually read their emails. I see the value in their communications. Their proactive thinking on issues such as cyber threats makes me happy to learn from them and have the protection.” 

Recently, Schnoll experienced another advantage to working with CPA Mutual. Because his firm joined at the end of April, his premium renewal happens in the middle of busy season. CPA Mutual offers a shorter form for renewals that makes the process less daunting.

“Now I only send information that has changed. I don’t have to repeat the same information every year. They recognized and honored my needs and I definitely appreciate that.”

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