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Liability of Accountants and CPAs

I’ll never get sued… I’m just doing their bookkeeping. 

I have nothing to worry about because all of my clients love me. 

Does this sound like you?

While many CPAs think they’ll never have a claim, CPA Mutual processes 85-100 claims a year for our 900+ member firms – that’s an average of about one in 10. Unfortunately, a large number of firms do not have liability insurance. We largely work with sole practitioners and firms of less than 20 staff throughout the country. By investing in professional liability insurance you’re not just protecting your firm… you’re protecting your personal assets and practice. 

Once our member firms experience a claim, they see the difference in choosing CPA Mutual. Some insurance companies look for opportunities to deny a claim right away, that’s not what we do. We offer our members the best possible response, doing whatever we can to solve their problems. Our coverage helps our member firms manage their reputation, their time and assets and their ability to purchase insurance in the future. 

When we started in 1986, there were only a handful of companies that sold professional liability coverage to CPAs.  Even now, large multi-line companies can leave the market if their claim experience begins to deteriorate. But not us. Our commitment is to the CPA industry.

We’ve been helping CPAs sleep peacefully for nearly 30 years.

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