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Our Reinsurance Partners

Partners in Professional Liability Claims

Lead reinsurers of CPA Mutual are among the strongest in the world. Their association with CPA Mutual proclaims our reputation and financial stability.  So take the word of the experts and not our competition, because it’s hard to know who you can trust these days. The quality and strength of CPA Mutual’s reinsurance partners greatly enhance the long-term stability of CPA Mutual.  Effective 1/1/17 we are proud to announce the partial list of our leading reinsurance partners: 

Reinsurer AM Best rating * Financial Class Size
Catlin A XV
Beazley (Lloyd's Syn #623 & #2623) A XV
Scor Re A XV
Toa Reinsurance Co. of America  A+ XIV

These companies assume a portion of the risk on each and every claim.  For instance, CPA Mutual pays 100% on each loss up to $500,000.  All losses above $500,000 are split among various reinsurers including but not limited to those listed above. CPA Mutual’s maximum out-of-pocket loss is limited to $500,000.  For example; a firm has a limits loss of $2 million, CPA Mutual pays $500,000 and reinsurers are responsible for the balance of $1,500,000.  

It is important for you to know that CPA Mutual controls the claim handling and makes all the claim payments.

One other important fact, CPA Mutual Insurance Company of America Risk Retention Group is a non-assessable company.

Learn about our Claims Administration here.