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Insurance Products

CPA Professional Liability Insurance

CPA Mutual offers multiple insurance products to fit the specific needs of your firm. We're here to help you manage risk and protect your firm from the risk of a lawsuit. If you need assistance choosing coverage that's right for your firm, call us at 800-543-3029.

Accountants Professional Liability (APL)

 Learn more about APL. 

Accountants Professional Limited Liability (APLL)

 Learn more about APLL. 

Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

 Learn more about EPL. 

CPA Cyber Products – CyberProtect

 Learn more about CyberProtect 

Enrolled Agents Professional Limited Liability

 Learn more about Agents Liability.
 Enrolled Agents Liability Application.

Accountant's Professional Liability Limited Insurance On-Line Application - FOR RISKS WITH ANNUAL REVENUES OF $500,000 OR LESS, 3 or fewer accounting professionals, does not perform any audits or reviews and have experienced no claims in the past 3 years 

Are you a PMCA member?

CPA Mutual provides the master policy for members who receive insurance coverage through PMCA. If you are not a CPA firm, discuss your insurance benefits with PMCA directly. If you are a CPA firm with membership in PMCA, you may be able to purchase your policy directly through CPA Mutual. Ask us about your options.