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Professional Liability (APL)

Our Accountants Professional Liability insurance includes coverage for attest services and a broad range of other services. If your firm has a staff of less than 10 people and does not perform attest services, click here to be directed to our Accountants Professional Limited Liability policy sample.

This is an application for a claims made policy. If an insurance policy is subsequently issued, it will only apply to claims first made against the insured during the policy period.

 Click here to download the APL application form.
 Click here to download the renewal application form.

Over the years, we have issued clear and concise policy interpretations so you knew exactly what is and is not covered. You should not have to be an insurance expert to understand policy language. Every effort was made to eliminate "lawyer speak" and replace it with easy-to-understand verbiage.

Policy Highlights

  • Trustee coverage
  • Computer consulting and the sale and installation of computer hardware and software
  • Arbitration and mediation incentives
  • Regulatory inquiry coverage
  • Financial planning services, including specific investment advice by endorsement
  • Aggregate limits and aggregate deductibles
  • Additional defense limits

Our coverage includes:

  • A broadened definition of "professional accounting services"
  • Coverage for responding to subpoenas
  • Defendant reimbursement coverage
  • Increased arbitration and mediation incentives of up to $25,000
  • Coverage for services as a director or trustee of a not-for-profit organization
  • Coverage for pre-claim intervention
  • A clarified claim settlement philosophy by adding language requiring your consent before settling a claim

We believe this policy, coupled with excellent service and our pro-policyholder claims handling philosophy, gives you the absolute best choice in accountant's professional liability coverage. Click here to view a sample policy.

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