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Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

Employment practices is one of the fastest growing areas of potential liability to your firm. Our separate policy not only covers you from wrongful termination charges, but also includes coverage for discrimination and harassment. Think about it. How many articles have you read about harassment, discrimination or other employee charges? Have you ever terminated or not hired someone only to have him or her threaten to sue you?

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Our coverage includes claims asserted for:

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Inappropriate employee conduct
  • Third party liability

Our minimum premiums are low and coverage is broad. We believe that Employment Practices Liability Coverage may be as important to your financial safety as your professional liability policy. For more information about our EPL coverage, call us at 800-543-3029.

HR Express Updates
HR Express Updates keep your firm updated on continuously changing workplace issues and regulations. Each update contains an interactive Question and Case Digest of the Month, federal and state news and regulation updates, as well as other valuable HR information. Access the most recent update by clicking here. 

CPA Mutual Resolut
Employers Face Continuously Changing Employment Laws And Ongoing Employee Issues.  This service is here to help with these challenges and deliver thousands of dollars of risk management value to your organization.  These Enquiron Services come with ALL policies free of charge.  These valuable services include:

  • Unlimited, specific documented, and confidential advice from employment law attorneys
  • Online sexual harassment prevention training courses available for supervisors and employees
  • Online tools - a state-specific employee handbook builder, forms, posters, news and more

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