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Resources for CPA Member Firms

At CPA Mutual, we provide our member firms with the tools they need to succeed. That means we will be there when you call and we will provide you with the latest industry news and discounted CPE courses to help keep your firm protected from risk.

Industry News
Read the latest news that could influence your firm. You will also find articles, white papers and presentations to share with colleagues. Click here to check out our industry news page.

CPE Courses
A Guided Tour of Engagement Letters and "What We Do"

Horror Stories: Cautionary Tales for Accountants

2020 Cyber Digest
Analysis of 2019 Cyber Claims Data


The program will provide practical risk management advice, tips, and lessons using authentic case files, with the goal of reducing you and your firm's vulnerability to lawsuits.  There are common threads that run throughout our claim files and learning what these are may just save you time, money and your professional reputation.  We will spend time discussing what to look for when trying to decide if it's worth accepting that new client or retaining a current client.  Sometimes professional standards just aren't enough to keep you out of court!